VIDEO: What’s an acronym for acronym?

The Military LOVES acronyms.  No secret here.  With the help of LT Davin Fischer I recorded a few soldiers sharing the ADT planning cycle.  23 acronyms in 25 seconds.  Impressive.  See if you… Continue reading

Minnesotans in Afghanistan: Living, Working, Being Missed…Sarah Carlson

The Minnesota National Guard sent 22 Minnesota Soldiers to Afghanistan.  This isn’t a splashy headline.  In recent years the Minnesota National Guard has sent troops to Iraq and Kuwait numbering in the thousands. … Continue reading

Children of Afghanistan

“They are why we are doing this.” SFC Brian McFadden of Bloomington, Minnesota told me as we were walking through a field in Zabul Province, Afghanistan. A group of children had run up… Continue reading

The Beds of an Embed

While I was embedded with the Agribusiness Development Team in Zabul Province, Afghanistan I was taken care of by the Minnesota National Guard.  My accommodations didn’t cost me a dime.  Every night I… Continue reading

Traveling Highway 1 in Afghanistan

My three days at FOB Viper were complete.  It was time to move to my final destination in Afghanistan.  To get to Kandahar Air Field I would ride in a convoy of ADT,… Continue reading

Dubai…pointing and clicking (not spending) my way through the Malls

Today I spent 6 hours beating around Dubai.  It’s an opulent place.  It’s not subtle.  If you have money you’ll have fun in Dubai.  If you don’t have money you’ll walk your stinky-pants,… Continue reading

Traveling out of Kandahar

21Arpil12 I will start this day in a creaky, old twin bunk in a room with 5 guys from the ADT and will end it, I hope, I a bed with real pillows,… Continue reading

Ready to Roll Out of Afghanistan

Local time is 3:30am and I’ve been awake for a couple of hours. Two reasons for this. I’m pretty pumped to get rolling on home and there are a couple of SGTs going… Continue reading

Kandahar the Song

It is with great pleasure that I share the “Kandahar Song” with you all.  Tonight will be my final night in Afghanistan; I’ll be spending it in the lovely confines of the Kandahar… Continue reading

Feeling normal in Afghanistan

On paper it’s pretty easy to get from Base to Base when traveling with the Military. –        0623 get to the flight line –        0823 bird arrives –        0915 arrive at new Base… Continue reading