VIDEO: Kids & U.S. Soldiers in Shahr-e Safa, Afghanistan

As I’m editing the hours of footage I shot in Afghanistan with the Minnesota National Guard for the documentary “Bridging War & Hope” I am finding a lot of ‘throw away clips’.  These… Continue reading

VIDEO: Afghanistan from my P.O.V.

This is a re-post.  I’ve been sharing my experiences in Afghanistan with groups of kids.  To do so I thought it would be helpful to put a short, non-narrative, natural-sound (i.e. no rhyme… Continue reading

Military Life on FOB Viper in Afghanistan

When I think back on my time spent with the Minnesota National Guard’s Agribusiness Development Team FOB Viper comes to mind.  This may be because it was the last of my 4 stops… Continue reading

Bridging War & Hope

  This blog is sporting a new title.  We’ve changed it from 10 Days in the Sand, to Bridging War & Hope.  Bridging War & Hope will be the title of the documentary… Continue reading


Originally posted on lookin' thru my eyes:
My last day at COP Mizan I went on a foot patrol through the local villages near the COP. Amazing bright blue eyes The kids, as…

Hot Sauce and culinary adventures on Afghan military bases

I’m a big fan of hot sauce.  Franks, Sriracha, Texas Pete, Tabasco, Cajun Sunshine they’re all good and as I found out, while eating DFAC food for two weeks while embedded with the… Continue reading

Minnesotans In Afghanistan: Getting Things Done….Bryan Pederson

  CPT Bryan Pederson from Nimrod, Minnesota is a logistics guy.  He knows how to get things done.  During my embed with the Minnesota National Guard’s Agribusiness Development Team he was one of… Continue reading

VIDEO: Afghan Street, Village & School Scenes

I’m starting to talk to groups about my embed with the Minnesota National Guard’s Agribusiness Development Team in southeastern Afghanistan.  Last night I spoke to the youth group at my church.  Later this… Continue reading

Editing hours of Afghan footage

It has begun.  The third, and final, leg of this journey.  I’m editing the 12 hours of footage I shot in Afghanistan.  I’m calling this the third leg, the first was planning, the… Continue reading

Afghan Children Caught in the Crossfire

This week I was struck by a quick, 100-word article in my local paper.  Afghan Children Caught in the Crossfire was the headline.  One of the many results of my embed with the… Continue reading