A window to Afghanistan – you make the call

  There is a small, yet seemingly loyal group of readers out there.  In efforts to more fully immerse you the experiences I had and continue to have as I put this program… Continue reading

We are all of one world – Faces of Afghanistan

  I recently showed a rough cut of Bridging War & Hope to the Director of Production at Twin Cities Public Television and my editor on this project.  I’ve worked on a number… Continue reading

VIDEO: living through and loving an Afghan sandstorm

While in Afghanistan with the Minnesota National Guard I was lucky enough to experience the lovely breezes that accompany a sandstorm.  A very pleasant experience.  An experience I will now share with you. … Continue reading

“The Best FOB in Afghanistan”

As the keeper of a WordPress blog I can see the search results that bring viewers to Bridging War & Hope.  This morning someone found the blog by typing “The Best FOB in… Continue reading

VIDEO: A little love from Afghanistan to friends and family back home in Minnesota

You’ve all seen shout outs before.  They usually air on local television stations around the Holidays.  The Soldiers stand in front of a flag, they introduce themselves, say hello to friends and family… Continue reading

One mother in Afghanistan

  Major Cheryl Wachenheim is a lot of things.  As her rank would indicate she is a Major in the U.S. Army.  If you throw her name into a search engine you’ll see… Continue reading


Originally posted on afghanhindsight:
By Tim Foxley Summary: It is highly unlikely that the Taliban are attacking Afghan schools with poison, mass hysteria is a much more plausible reason. (Update as at 11.10…

The seconds are adding up: Hitting 26:40

For two weeks I lived, ate and breathed Afghanistan.  My pervasive thought as I was embedded with the Minnesota National Guard in Afghanistan was,  “If I don’t see it through the lens of… Continue reading

VIDEO: Attacks on Afghan girls’ schools

You’ve probably missed the story.  I missed this story until a colleague brought it to my attention.  Last week over 100 Afghan girls fell ill.  Their school was attacked.  Their attacker pumped some… Continue reading

VIDEO: Renewed sense of hope

CPT Jenna Carlson of Oakdale, Minn. is deployed to Shahr-e Safa in Zabul Province in southeastern Afghanistan.  She is the officer-in-charge at a small forward operating base called FOB Viper.  I’ve written a… Continue reading