Army Life: missing what matters most

What do deployed soldiers miss?  This is a question a number of people type into their Google search bar; when they do they end up here, they are looking for information, the miss… Continue reading

VIDEO: Army Slang

It is impossible to avoid acronyms.  Regardless of your chosen profession, hobbies, life encounters you’ve accumulated knowledge that allows you to speak to your fellow compadres in a short-hand language that leaves outsiders… Continue reading

Alec Baldwin, Morgan Freeman, Luke Heikkila…one of these things is not like the others

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks.  Today marks the 5th of 6 on-line edit days I have scheduled to finish Bridging War & Hope.  It’s a relief to see the documentary get… Continue reading

Bridging War and Hope: the final edit

  Bridging War & Hope is in the final stages of production.  This week and next I’m working with Jerry Lakso to bring the show home.  Most of the story crafting is done,… Continue reading

Growing conditions in Afghanistan

I’m not much of a farmer.  A couple of plants on my patio, a tomato plant here and there, that is about it.  That being said, though I don’t know much about agronomy… Continue reading

Bridging War and Hope – the final phase

Shortly after the Fourth of July Holiday week I’ll be entering the final phase of editing on Bridging War and Hope, a documentary that will introduce viewers to the work the Minnesota National… Continue reading


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It’s fascinating to see kids at play; especially in societies where those kids cannot afford XBoxes or other modern amenities.  It’s most interesting to note that to a child,…

VIDEO: Afghan village of Halal Chineh

Last week I posed a question to readers of this blog.  That question was, what would you like to see in the next clip I roll out?  Just under half of those responding… Continue reading

Traveling in Minneapolis vs. Traveling in Afghanistan

This week I’ve been working on a documentary dealing with a collection of materials housed at the Minneapolis Central Library.  Like all of the projects I work on I get to talk to… Continue reading

The ripples of an Afghan experience

Yesterday I began production on a new project.  This is bittersweet.  Bitter because I’ve been so focused on Afghanistan for so long and it will be a challenge to finally wrap this all… Continue reading