Flip flops suck

For the next 3 months I will be gathering bits and pieces of knowledge that will help me prepare for and succeed during this embed in Afghanistan.  The latest tidbit came from the… Continue reading

Not a typical voice mail

With travel planned for about five months from now I am beginning to learn more about what I’ll need and how I will get to where I am going.  I will landing in… Continue reading

Videographer, or no?

Television production can be as complex or as simple as you can imagine.  High-end productions travel with hundreds, if not thousands of pounds of gear and people with the skilled expertise to use… Continue reading

A weekend of travel and thoughts

This weekend my daughter and I traveled to Utah to visit friends.  While traveling, standing in security lines and lugging my and my daughter’s things on the plane I realized how important it… Continue reading

Planning begins

Two weeks ago this was all just a thought.  There was a chance, albeit a small one, that I would be embarking on my second embed with the Minnesota National Guard in the… Continue reading