Reposting a blog from the Nebraska ADT

Originally posted on JenREESources's Extension Blog:
This past two weeks has been interesting to me to see Afghanistan through my husband’s eyes.  It was eye-opening to see his pictures and view the…

Visa is in hand

Using the Visa service worked like a charm. I opted for a 90 day Visa which is open from now until the end of April. With the date I’m due to  come home… Continue reading

Afghanistan ADT background

Like most, a few months ago I knew next to nothing about Afghanistan. What I did know was pretty simple: here’s a war going on, there has been years of fighting, there was… Continue reading

Well, that went against nature

I think my biggest fear when I travel is not knowing where my passport is at all times. Fourteen years ago while I was on an overnight train from Paris to Munich my… Continue reading

Roll with it

I had a status update meeting today with two key members of the Minnesota National Guard Public Affairs Office and the funding foundation’s President and a member of the communications staff. It was… Continue reading

It’s real

There was a day last week when this trip notched a few clicks closer to becoming real. Of course the funding letter from the Foundation supporting this project put everything into motion and… Continue reading

Learning from my past experiences

I’ve mentioned before that this will be my second embed with the Minnesota National Guard.  In 2009 I spent about a week in Basra, Iraq on the COB with the 34th Infantry Red… Continue reading

Minnesota Military Radio Hour

Today I was a guest on the Minnesota Military Radio Hour.  The program airs on KTLK AM1130 on Sunday mornings.  It’s produced by the Minnesota National Guard and the Minnesota Department of Veterans… Continue reading

Not exactly office attire

Last month the bullet proof vest and Kevlar helmet was delivered.  A thirty-five pound package was delivered by FedEx.  In the box that was delivered I found a Kevlar helmet, size extra large,… Continue reading

Another step made towards Afghanistan

Aside from the embed papers I need to fill out with ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), in addition to registering with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and besides me needing to apply for… Continue reading