REVIEW: Bridging War & Hope

This morning a review of Bridging War & Hope ran in the Star Tribune.  The writer, Mark Brunswick, received an advanced copy of the documentary and is one of the few people who have seen the entire program.  In his review he pays a compliment I feel I can hang my hat on.  His words are not flowery, nor are they over-blown, much like the feel of Bridging War & Hope he wrote in a matter-of-fact way:

If firefights and bomb blasts are what you are looking for, tune to G4’s “Bomb Patrol Afghanistan” instead. Heikkila’s 30-minute effort, which has its broadcast premiere Sunday, is more about shovels and seeds than rifles and bullets.

It is a sincere and intelligent look at a daunting effort in a country stung by three decades of war and Taliban rule; where corruption is endemic and the literacy rate in the province hovers around 1 percent for women and 10 percent for men.

The entire review can be read here.

My next post, Friday, will be an exciting one.  In it I will share, in advance of its broadcast, the documentary in its entirety.

Until then some more photos, thanks for reading…Luke