Premiere Event – you are invited

Some of the subscribers to this blog know me personally and live in Minnesota.  Some of you don’t know me personally but still live in Minnesota.  Some of you live everywhere but here.  For those of you interested please consider yourself personally invited to the premiere screening of “Bridging War & Hope”.

My friends at Beth El Synagogue have graciously offered to host the event.  They have a beautiful sanctuary, the documentary will have to fight for viewers attention, Beth El’s worship space is stunning.  Stunning too is Beth El’s commitment to the Agribusiness Development Team.  During the course of the year the ADT was in Afghanistan Beth El continuously sent care packages.  Are any of the ADT members of the Beth El community?  No.  Beth El is passionate about providing for Troops.

You’re invited


Below is a downloadable link to a PDF of the invitation.

SCREENING Bridging War and Hope Premier 20 OCT 12-1

The collaboration to make this event happen has been as extraordinary as the collaboration required to get the project off-the-ground and ultimately completed.  Time and time again I am impressed not just by our Military community but by how our community supports the Military.  October 20th will be a special night, I hope you can make it.

If you cannot make it, no worries there will be a number of places to catch the full documentary.  You’ll be able to find a link for it on the tpt web site, so you can stream it free-of-charge.  If you’d rather watch it on that monster-sized tv you have and live in Minnesota check out our broadcast schedule.

Thanks for reading, hope you can make it on the 20th.