If you have enjoyed reading my take on Afghanistan I think you’ll really enjoy the blog Hot Milk for Breakfast. It is written by a guy from Iowa who is into some pretty adventurous travel…including a lot of time spent in Afghanistan. The tagline for his blog is, “A weird and unique look at Afghanistan.” Check him out.



It’s fascinating to see kids at play; especially in societies where those kids cannot afford XBoxes or other modern amenities.  It’s most interesting to note that to a child, their “work” is play.  And what kids most want to play at is being all grown up, like their parents.  I mean, what girl doesn’t think her mother is the most beautiful woman in the world, or her father the strongest, tallest, most handsome man in the world.  And what boy doesn’t want to be just like his father and do “grown up things”.


These children are taking advantage of some rain and a work crew leaving tools out during a break, to form their own company of street workers.  In a country where roads and houses are made from mud and clay, working with mud and clay is a major portion of industry, and these enterprising young people are practicing…

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