Traveling in Minneapolis vs. Traveling in Afghanistan

This week I’ve been working on a documentary dealing with a collection of materials housed at the Minneapolis Central Library.  Like all of the projects I work on I get to talk to interesting people and learn about their lives and passions.  Authors, historians and musicians are utilizing the materials in the collection and in order to see the documents come to life I’m getting out into the communities in and around Minneapolis to learn how these people are using our past to explore our future.

How does this tie-in with this blog?  Loosely, so work with me.

In Afghanistan I traveled to get to stories.  In Minneapolis I travel to get to stories.

Will the gun turret clear the parking ramp entrance?  I wish I could find out.  Maybe with the right decals on the Maxx Pro I could pull it off.


swap my ride

Everyone knows mini vans are not cool, versatile, but…not cool. A Maxx Pro on the other hand.