We are all of one world – Faces of Afghanistan


I recently showed a rough cut of Bridging War & Hope to the Director of Production at Twin Cities Public Television and my editor on this project.  I’ve worked on a number of projects with editor, Jerry Lakso.  Working with him on this project will go a long ways in providing a polished piece that clearly tells the story I’m aiming to share.

After the viewing we discussed a few ideas; cut a few scenes, add a few scenes, get into Afghanistan scenes sooner, I was provided a good sense of where I should go and was given affirmation that I’m heading down the right path.  Editing video can be a very solitary experience, bringing the project to others to collaborate is a nice experience.

Towards the end of the discussion Jerry said, “this is an intimate look at Afghanistan and Afghans, you’re providing a sense that ‘they’ and ‘them’ are real people.”

If that’s all I do with this project; show you that Afghans indeed are not that different from Minnesotans then I’ll consider this a mission that has been accomplished.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie sums it up well.  In his on-camera interview he talks about the value we should find in allowing the 58 soldiers of the ADT (22 from Minnesota and 36 from Mississippi) inform us through their experiences that we are all of one world.

Here are freeze frames of some of the faces you’ll see in Bridging War & Hope.

Bridging War & Hope will air this fall on Twin Cities Public Television.