“The Best FOB in Afghanistan”

As the keeper of a WordPress blog I can see the search results that bring viewers to Bridging War & Hope.  This morning someone found the blog by typing “The Best FOB in Afghanistan” into Google.  Low and behold there isn’t a top 10 list.  Someone should get on that.  I thought this person must have had to drill down a few pages to find the blog.  Wrong.  I conducted the same search.  The third result is an entry I wrote about FOB Bullard.  It lands just under the Wiki page for Foward Operating Base.  Not too shabby.  Kudos to WordPress for getting in good with the search engines.

Not all of the search results are as positive.  There have been too many searches that relate to: why won’t my soldier write me back?, what do deployed soldiers miss?, does my soldier miss me?.  These searches make my heart sink.  Whoever conducts these searches is desperate; desperate for information, desperate for contact.  I can only be my hope that something they see on this blog helps them out if just a little.

Among the most-common searches:  Poo Pondcan I bring Kevlar through Dubaihow long is the flight from Atlanta to DubaiDubai Mall…high and tight.

My quick responses:  Gross…maybe but don’t try…too long…too fancy…sorry, you likely were not looking for information about a military hair cut now were you?


FOB Apache may not be the Best FOB in Afghanistan, but of the 5 I saw it provided the most spacious living quarters.