VIDEO: A little love from Afghanistan to friends and family back home in Minnesota

You’ve all seen shout outs before.  They usually air on local television stations around the Holidays.  The Soldiers stand in front of a flag, they introduce themselves, say hello to friends and family and wrap things up with a ‘be home soon.’

How could I, as an employee of a television station, go to Afghanistan with a camera and not bring home a few shout outs?  Impossible.  Twin Cities Public Television has begun airing shout outs from: SGT Kevin Cleland, CPT Bryan Pederson, MAJ Cheryl Wachenheim, LT Davin Fischer, SGT Sarah Carlson, SGT Brian McFadden, LTC Ken DeGier and COL Eric Ahlness.  Between now and August 31 you can see and hear from a few of the 22 Minnesotans currently serving in Zabul Province, Afghanistan.  If you just cannot wait to catch them on tv they’re up on YouTube, too.

Enjoy & thank you to the aforementioned Minnesota National Guard soldiers for playing the shout out game.

Thanks for watching…