Tim Foxley has been writing about Afghanistan for quite awhile…his blog is full of information that isn’t readily available elsewhere. Earlier this week when I wrote about some stories I read about Afghan girls’ schools being attacked he took the time to write me and offer up a differing opinion. Today he wrote extensively on what he thought was happening. This is definitely worth a read.


By Tim Foxley

Summary: It is highly unlikely that the Taliban are attacking Afghan schools with poison, mass hysteria is a much more plausible reason.

(Update as at 11.10 UK time, Fri, 1st June: “…part of the media war and have no reality…”.  The Taliban have responded here to the reports they were to blame)


I’ve been lightly following this story of claims that Afghan children at school have been poisoned by unidentified chemical or biological agents.  These stories have occurred at irregular intervals since 2001 (off the top of my head, I would say around once a year) and I think the Independent here gets the analysis about right.

The Independent, 1 June 2012:

“…Symptoms have included vomiting, nausea and fainting. In all cases, most pupils who were admitted to hospital were released on the same day and no long-term damage was done.  On each occasion, the local…

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