VIDEO: Attacks on Afghan girls’ schools

You’ve probably missed the story.  I missed this story until a colleague brought it to my attention.  Last week over 100 Afghan girls fell ill.  Their school was attacked.  Their attacker pumped some sort of gas into their school and the girls became nauseous.  As I’ve been looking for information I was seeing that other schools in Afghanistan were being attacked.  Recently, according to the BBC, the Taliban claimed they did not take responsibility for the attacks and condemned them.  I’m not too sure I believe the Taliban; they have a history.

A year ago I would have had a pretty nonchalant attitude about this story.  I imagine most of you do, too.  There’s no shame in this; so I think.  We’re off-the-hook for not really caring because:  Afghanistan is a long ways away, their are plenty of kids all over the world that are in need, the people in the U.S. are experiencing war-fatigue, you may debate whether the U.S. should be in Afghanistan.  For whatever the reason I’m not blaming you if this story hasn’t made a blip on your radar.

However, with the experiences I’ve had; seeing Afghan girls in a classroom, realizing Afghan girls’ games are no different than the games of American girls, knowing the living conditions and the importance of education in Afghanistan I take an active interest in seeking out more information about the story.

An Afghan girl playing a game in the school’s courtyard

Striking a studious pose.  I'd guess she's 7 years old.

Striking a studious pose. I’d guess she’s 7 years old.

Kids are kids are kids. Here the Afghan girls are playing in the courtyard.

Under Taliban rule it was illegal for girls to receive an education.  I went to a village that had a girls’ school.  The Minnesota National Guard’s Agribusiness Development Team has struck a relationship with this school and is working on creating a kitchen garden for the girls to tend.

If for no other reason take a look at this video so you know a face when we see a headline.