VIDEO: Afghanistan from my P.O.V.

This is a re-post.  I’ve been sharing my experiences in Afghanistan with groups of kids.  To do so I thought it would be helpful to put a short, non-narrative, natural-sound (i.e. no rhyme or reason) clip together.  When I show this clip I have been asking the kids to look for differences and similarities between their lives and the lives of the Afghans they see.

The most-commonly stated similarity the young people I’ve shown this to: Afghan children go to school…increasingly, yes they do!

The most-commonly stated difference the young people I’ve shown this to: it doesn’t look very green in Afghanistan…unfortunately, it isn’t.

Their questions and comments provided me an opportunity to talk about, among other things, the importance of water in our daily lives.  The 7, and 8 year olds got it.

Here is a three-minute clip of the Zabul ADT, made up of Soldiers from the Minnesota and Mississippi National Guard: at an Afghan market, walking through a typical Afghan street, at an Afghan village, at an Afghan girls school and on patrol.  Their mission is to mentor the local Ag Dept to become a better resource to the area farmers.

If you have a Soldier in Afghanistan the foot patrols you’ll see in the clip are fairly representative of what your Soldier sees and experiences.

Bridging War & Hope will premiere on Twin Cities Public Television in the Fall of 2012.