VIDEO: Afghan Street, Village & School Scenes

I’m starting to talk to groups about my embed with the Minnesota National Guard’s Agribusiness Development Team in southeastern Afghanistan.  Last night I spoke to the youth group at my church.  Later this week I’ll do a show and tell with my daughter’s elementary school class.  In preparation I wanted to throw together video-compilation that captures the essence of the Afghanistan I experienced.

After I show this video my plan is to ask two simple questions.  What are some similarities between your life and the images you saw on the screen?  What are some differences?  Last night’s discussion with high-school aged students came around to oppression and privilege.  Do Afghans feel oppressed, or is this something we feel for them?  A heady question.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to present Afghanistan to my future audience of second graders.  How thick of a candy coating should I apply?  I’m definitely open to suggestions.  I’m very interested to hear the questions they have.  

Thanks for reading.