Traveling Highway 1 in Afghanistan

My three days at FOB Viper were complete.  It was time to move to my final destination in Afghanistan.  To get to Kandahar Air Field I would ride in a convoy of ADT, Provincial Reconstruction Team and Security Force vehicles.  I was in an armored, but unarmed, FMTV.  SSG Hunter drove.  LT Fischer is in the passenger seat and is the TC.  I’m in the middle, slightly behind them, in a rumble seat.

First thing I notice is a spider web crack in Fischer’s window.  “It took small arms fire awhile back”, he tells me.  An FMTV is essentially a flatbed used to haul gear from base to base.  It has a top speed of about 60 mph.

As we pull off base Fischer gives the all clear.  As TC (truck commander) he is a second set of eyes.  Calling out all potential risks.  A dog appears on the shoulder.  Fischer calls it out.  Hunter asks, “were you with me when I smoked a dog awhile back?”  It’s a 5,000 pound vehicle evasive maneuvers are not going to be one of its strong suits.

Below are some photos I snapped while I was the ‘and one’.  As an ‘and one’ I can’t do much but take pictures.  I feel like Simon, a Mike Myers character on Saturday Night Live.  Simon traveled with his Mom and would draw what he saw of Paris, London and the like from his hotel room.  Never stepping foot in the city, but always drawing.