A view from inside an M-ATV: Shah Joy, Afghanistan

On April 15th the ADT had a mission to roll up to Helal Chineh, a small village about 15 km north of Shah Joy. Six ADT soldiers accompanied the Provincial Reconstruction Team, a member from USAID, and joined a security group from Alaska. The purpose of the mission was to gather some information about a potential project USAID could take on. The potential project would help build up the mountain-village’s potential to collect and control water.

To get to Helal Chineh we had to roll through the Shah Joy market again. I understand why this isn’t a favorite activity for the security forces. There are a lot of roof tops, there are a lot of people, there are a lot of unclaimed bicycles, motorcycles and containers. There is a lot to put and keep eyes on.

Here’s a depiction of what I saw around me while sitting in the back seat of an M-ATV.