Maintaining Contact with Home

To maintain contact with home soldiers often rely on using the computers at the MWR. (Morale, Wellness & Recreation) tents. I’m at an MWR right now. There are about 8 computers in a tent with a wooden floor. I can hear the hum of generators coming from outside. The wind is opening a shutting the flap of the tent. There is a lot of typing going on. We are all communicating with the ‘real’ world.

I’m always happy to be at an MWR. It allows me to connect. It allows me to do some work. I’m only gone for a short time so the likelihood that there will be big problems for me to sort out at home when I jump into an MWR are minimal.


The MWR at FOB Smart

A few mornings ago as I was laughing to myself about jokes my friends had put on my Facebook wall I couldn’t help but overhear a young Soldier speaking with his significant other via Skype. He and she were trying to figure out some tricky financial situations. Their discussion wasn’t all candy and roses, they were trying to figure out a part of their real life.

After they said their good-byes the Soldier pushed his chair back muttered, ‘good God’ and sighed.

The life of a Soldier is tough. The life of a spouse of a Soldier is probably tougher. Together they need to be strong to work through their real life though 7,000 miles apart.

Thanks for reading…more later