Foot Patrol Through Qalat, Afghanistan: Pictures

Foot Patrol through Qalat, Afghanistan – Pictures (April 11, 2012)

Lt Davin Fischer of Woodbury, MN walks to the morning briefing in advance of a dismounted patrol through the market at Qalat


Maj Cheryl Wachenheim, a professor at NDSU, prepares to go out to see vendors at the Qalat Market. She is interested to see how products get to market.


Soldiers from the Alaska National Guard, Bravo Company 1-143rd provide security for the patrol

Afghan man

An Afghan man who was in the almond distribution courtyard. Almonds, along with raisins, pomegranates and wheat can be prevalent in Zabul Province.


Lt Col Ken DeGier discusses possibilities of helping make changes in the way almonds are marketed with the proprietor of the almond market.

almonds 2

Afghan men looking on as Lt Col DeGier continues his discussion with the vendor.


After I snapped this boys’ picture he asked to see it; his reaction was priceless. I might bet he has only seen his likeness in a mirror.


Working our way through the market we ended up near Alexander’s Castle and the stockyards. This nomadic man had brought six sheep to the yard; he earned the equivalent of $100 per head. Asked if he broke even, he responded with, “sometimes”.


The market is thriving. Vendors are selling wares, some of the produced locally, however many come in from Pakistan. The goal is to get money circulated through the country, Afghans buying from Afghans. Here there are some chickens for sale.


I rigged cameras to my vest. A 90 minute patrol with a 30 pound vest (about half of what the soldiers wear), at 6,000 feet elevation was a workout. I easily sweated through a couple of shirts.