Rolling through Afghanistan

“We have five and one” said the TC (truck commander) over headset as we took off in a Maxx Pro (25,000 pound people mover). Who’s the one? Well, that’s me. Should anything unexpected happen I’m the one. The useless one. The driver, TC, gunner in the turret and the two soldiers in the back with me are the five. I’m happy to be well-outnumbered.

It’s an uneventful trip, thankfully. I cannot see much through the barred windows, but I did catch a glimpse of a young boy filling a bucket at a hand pump. I paused to wonder how often he needs to collect water for his family. I’ll give him a thought when I’m home as I get chilled water, and ice, from my refridgerator.

The beast

The Maxx Pro is a Beast


SPC Hopkins is the medic; he's very useful

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