Walking around the base at Kandahar

Walking around Kandahar Air Base
I’ve spent today at Kandahar Air Base. The base has a lot of amenities. That’s probably the nicest thing I can say about it. It’s hot here. It’s dusty and gritty here. This post carries a pretty strong whiff. Those I’ve been touring with just sort of shake their head when they see the boardwalk, dining joints and the markets.

On the TV-side of things I was able to roll tape, recorded a few shout outs and did a couple of short interviews. More on this later. It was nice to get the camera out and see what I could do. On this base finding a semi-quite place to record interviews is tough. As I travel to smaller bases I’m hoping to encounter quieter outdoor interview locations. Planes, helicopters, huge mine resistant ambush protected vehicles…Kandahar has it all. An audio tech’s nightmare.

Poo Pond. In the last departmental meeting I was in before I left tpt I talked about the Poo Pond at Kandahar. Well, it’s real and it’s really an attack on the senses. It’s a pond, it’s full of poo. That’s all I can say about it. The quote of the day is, ‘whichever urban planner put the waste facility in the middle of the base should have their license revoked’. Indeed.


The boardwalk offers a number of options for food and shopping. It surrounds a running track, a concrete 'ice' rink and an Astro-turfed soccer field.

more boardwalk

Need to satisfy a pizza crave? The boardwalk will scratch your itch.


Little hockey, eh?


Special shout out to the peeps in MN Productions. Here's the Poo Pond. It's real. It's real nasty.