I’ve lost a day traveling from Atlanta to Dubai

I have never been on a plane for this long. I’ve read about what you need to do to stay sane. Water, walking, reading, movies, sleep, little more water, some more walking, stare at a screen, repeat as necessary. I paid extra for economy comfort seating. I have an inflatable pillow and a window to lean against. Maybe sleeping will work. I’ve been hanging out in a Delta Sky Lounge for most of the afternoon. I think I’ll grab another glass of water, brush my teeth and head on over to the gate. I’ll finish this post when I get to Dubai.

Delta plane

The Atlanta to Dubai flight is 15 hours long

leg room

I paid extra for all of this leg room.

It turns out 15 hours of flight time is survivable. Thanks to the in seat entertainment I had access to about 100 movies and tv shows, 100 cds and a number of games. I primarily watched movies as I drifted into and out of sleep.

Because there wasn’t much to look at I ended up snapping a few photos of what I saw.


The in seat display informed passengers where Mecca was located in relation to their seat.

Flight route

We took the northern route up the east coast, past Iceland and through Europe. Had I left from JFK I could have trimmed a few hours off of the flight


We all received a face wipe at the 14 hour mark. Didn't quite do the trick.

Moon nearing Dubai

As we were nearing Dubai I snuck a peak out the window and saw the moon rise. It was dark as we took off in Atlanta, and dark when we landed in Dubai. I guess this is a lost day.

Sight to behold

At the end of the jetway there was a guy from the hotel holding this sign. Glad to see him.


This is all I have seen of Dubai. I could tell there were skyscrapers in the distance, but for now, I'm content with the airport.

Tomorrow, Afghanistan.

More later…