Bringing the right stuff to Afghanistan

18 days worth of stuff. I feel like I’m doing George Carlin proud. While I’m in Afghanistan I will still have stuff, but not nearly as much stuff as I’d like to have. Just enough stuff to get by. I’ll have all of the important stuff. None of the stuff I have will be frivolous stuff. If you don’t know the Carlin routine I’m stealing from, do yourself a favor and check out the link I married to his name.

Full table

18 days worth of stuff? Left to right. Two pairs of pants, sleeping bag, towel, eye mask (don't laugh), pajama pants, shorts, small empty pillow case, backpack, toiletries, tripod, computer, flip cam, GoPro, various chargers and connectors, journal, lav mic, wide angle attachment, important documents, mono pod for various uses, camera batteries, camera, outer shell, hiking boots, 3 t-shirts, 2 long sleeved shirts, socks, underwear

Keep in mind that I have previously sent my Kevlar helmet and 30 pound bulletproof vest to Afghanistan. Packing this light wouldn’t be possible without having already done that.

I just ordered a pair of Crocs today. Never thought I’d own a pair of those things, but they’re what you need to take the 500 meter trek through dust, and rocks to the shower trailer. They’ll arrive in a couple of days. I will also look for some sort of travel-sized laundry detergent so as not to be as offensive.

Stashed away in my toiletries bag are ten magic Cipro pills. The instructions on the bottle say, “take at the onset of traveler’s diarrhea”. Won’t leave home without them.

My plan is to wear a couple of shirts on while I’m traveling, add in the clothes I’m wearing and I feel like I’ll be set and ready to go. Until I laid everything out on the dining room table I thought I was still over-packing. Now that I see my stuff in front of me I feel better.

Thanks for reading…more later.