Packing More Underwear

I’m turning a flippant Tweet from earlier today into a blog post.  I took the JVC video camera I’m using in Afghanistan out this morning to see how it would do as a still camera.

The video cam I’m bringing to AFG takes decent stills. No need for a digi still camera. #packingmoreunderwear

The digital camera I was thinking of bringing isn’t much bigger than a pack playing cards; since I’ve jettisoned the few ounces that the camera would take up I’ll treat myself to packing an extra pair of underwear.  I think I’m up to 4 in my bag.  I’ll be gone for 18 days.  It’s not really gross unless you think about the math.

I’ve never been big on math.


Good enough DOF to do the trick.

The downfall of using the JVC HM100U as a still camera is the same downfall of using it as my primary video camera; it doesn’t perform all that well in low-light situations. Most of the stories I’m reporting on will be taking place outside, so it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

Another pair of grunders it is.