Afghanistan reporting down 50%

Afghan girls

A different type of war coverage. I will focus on how US and NATO Troops are helping the people of Zabul Province. (DVIDS - PO2 Jon Rasmussen)

Reporting of the war in Afghanistan was down 50% in 2011.  According to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism in 2010 4% of all news time focused on Afghanistan, in 2011 that figure sat at 2%.

Never before has there been more of a focus on International stories.  Even though Afghanistan and Iraq reporting were down in 2011 the number of news holes filled with International stories, primarily out of the Europe and the Middle East has never been higher*.

On a whole, according to the report, the media provide the information on the topics the public is interested in following.

I look forward to being able to do my part by bringing the stories of the Zabul Agribusiness Development Team to a wider audience.  My project wouldn’t necessarily be included as news coverage, but I hope that by reading about and viewing the finished program folks will have a better sense of what’s going on in a small corner of Afghanistan.


*PEJ’s The Year in the News is derived from an analysis of close to 46,000 stories produced from January 1-December 11, 2011 that were examined as part of the group’s ongoing content analysis of 52 different traditional news outlets from the main five media sectors, its News Coverage Index. The report also includes an analysis of the year in social media, based on the group’s weekly analysis of blogs and Twitter, the New Media Index.