Kandahar shootings vs Afghanistan’s Future – Focus on one, or the other

In light of the disturbing news of a U.S. Solider walking off a base in Kandahar Province (Panjway/Panjwai District) and allegedly shooting civilians it was uplifting to see LTC Dan Bohmer’s latest post. To see more photos please check out LTC Bohmer’s blog, Ten and a Half Hours Ahead.

Afghan boy

LTC Dan Bohmer's photograph of an Afghan boy

I have been tracking the news from a few Twitter sources and the New York Times. This event is only going to add fuel to a fire that may be on the verge of spreading wildly. Will this event undo years of good work completed by US/NATO troops?  The Taliban is attempting to fan the flames.  If anything only read the Taliban statement to see how dramatic a news release can be.  Don’t read the Taliban statement and expect to finds facts, okay?

As I’m now three weeks from leaving for a province near Kandahar I will chose to focus on the photos LTC Bohmer is sharing with the world and not the news that is bound to only grow in its scope and magnitude.  What else can I do?