PROJECT AFGHAN – 6 months of war through a soldier’s eyes.
In an attempt to keep my blog relevant I’ve given myself the assignment of making three, or more, posts a week. To do this, and not bore you to tears, I’ve relied on the help of a few writers I’m following and have reblogged their ideas to offer varied perspectives. It is in that vein that I share PROJECT AFGHAN with you. PROJECT AFGHAN is a blog kept by a British soldier named Rob Grimes. Rob is currently serving in Afghanistan and his using his wonderful eye for photography to share images depicting the Afghanistan he sees. He personalizes Afghanistan by sharing one frame per day. Check him out.

Project Afghan

We are just some of the soldiers you will see over the next 6 months. You don’t know who I am, what my name is, but i am a Soldier first to you all, a friend to all of you, a son to my mother and father, a husband/boyfriend to someone special and a brother to my brothers, sisters and the men and women i fight along.

We are all apart of Project Afghan.






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