Packing like a Soldier, not a Tourist

I might need to jump a ditch while I’m jogging to catch a flight. I might have a two-mile hike while getting from point A to point B.  I will have 30 pounds of armor on. I have to pack lighter.  In the next month every time I pack I am going to force myself to jettison an item, or three.

In my last post I mentioned I’d bring two pairs of pants for my two weeks in Afghanistan.  Lucky for me someone read this and set me straight.  Nick, the author of a pretty fantastic blog, suggested I severely limit the number of personal items I bring.  Nick is in Afghanistan with the University of Maryland, has been there for 5 months, instructing Troops who wish to take University courses while deployed.  Nick has provided me with some valuable insight.  I recommend his blog. He takes nice pictures and provides well-written back stories.


Packing checklist

Checklist provided by Nick. A guy who is in AFG now and for 5 months has lived on less than I was originally planning on bringing for two weeks.

For any of you third world travelers out there if you have items that you would never consider leaving home without, or have brought with you but never used hit me up. I’m all ears.

Too much gear in Iraq

I don't want to be this guy again. Way too much gear in Iraq (Kemp, 2009)