Visa is in hand

Afghanistan Visa

With Afghanistan Visa in hand I can now get from here to there

Using the Visa service worked like a charm. I opted for a 90 day Visa which is open from now until the end of April. With the date I’m due to  come home now set for April 22 I still have some wiggle-room should I have transportation issues. Speaking of which, this morning I received another email from Ariana Air. I am learning to dread their emails, although they are very prompt and professional in their communication when I receive word from them I know I’m in for some sort of change of plans.  My itinerary did indeed change again and after this change I was scheduled to leave Dubai for Kandahar before I was actually going to be in Dubai.  My window of time to connect in Dubai, which originated as a 10 hour layover and was recently whittled down to 5, was now closed and latched tightly.

I spent the morning on the phone with Delta and was able to shift all of my flights to accommodate Ariana’s schedule. In doing this I gave myself upwards of 30 hours in Dubai so I will be able to absorb further Ariana changes. My time in Dubai will be spent in the Dubai International Airport Hotel, a hotel that is joined to the airport.  I won’t need to go through customs, will not have access to my checked bag, but will be able to sleep and shower.  I’ll be on edge while I’m there, eager to get to where I’m going but in the end allowing myself more time than I’ll need, and doing so at a nightly rate that is much less expensive than I imagined, will work out.