Minnesota Military Radio Hour

Today I was a guest on the Minnesota Military Radio Hour.  The program airs on KTLK AM1130 on Sunday mornings.  It’s produced by the Minnesota National Guard and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs.  Clear Channel Radio donates the studio space and provides a producer/engineer.  Tom Lyons, the host of the program, volunteers his time and efforts.  Tom is a Vietnam Veteran and believes that the public needs to become more aware of what is happening with Minnesota’s soldiers and Veterans.  The 15-month run of this program helps Minnesotans relate to the stories associated with out military scene.  Being his guest was a rewarding experience.

Being on the program allowed me to take a step back and think about the commitment tpt has made to our military community.  Sending me to Iraq, and now Afghanistan, producing and airing a number of a programs, documentaries and specials that deal with: PTSD, TBI and reintegration tpt’s commitment allows viewers to learn about what it is our soldiers and their families go through before, during and after a deployment.  I’m proud to carry on the tradition of storytelling for under served communities.

Heikkila and Lyons

Just wrapped up a segment for the MN Military Radio Hour

In the interview I spoke about my background, what it is that has drawn me to telling military-related stories, and a show I recently completed a program called Home for Heroes.  H4H was co-produced with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and examines the decision-making process related to placing a loved-one in a Veterans Home.  I met a many fantastic employees and residents along the way and enjoyed listening to and learning from the Veterans I met along the way.  It was a great experience.

Through the course of the pre-pro interview Tom expressed interest in having me back to talk about my experiences in Afghanistan.  We tentatively booked another interview for May 3, 2012.  I look forward to sharing my stories with the Minnesota Military Hour listening audience.