Not a typical voice mail

With travel planned for about five months from now I am beginning to learn more about what I’ll need and how I will get to where I am going.  I will landing in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  Kandahar isn’t the easiest place to get to and I have discovered that there is typically one flight a week landing in Kandahar from places such as Dubai, Qatar, New Delhi and Kuwait.  I have also learned that the U.A.E. frowns on people carrying ballistic protection, helmets and vests in their checked luggage.  Being that I’ll be toting my own protective gear this scratches Dubai & Qatar off the list of possibilities.  Currently I’m looking at an itinerary that will bring me through Boston, Amsterdam and New Delhi.  Not the most direct route, I know, but this itinerary has shorter layovers than others plans I’ve looked into.

Now getting to that voice mail I received.  This is in no way an endorsement of this company, okay.  Yesterday I placed a phone call with a company out of Austin, Texas called Bullet Proof Me.  I inquired about their Level IV vests and helmet.  I just had to quietly chuckle when I heard the message from Tim at Bullet Proof Me.  I’ll give them a call to see about pricing, sizing, and the like.


On the phone with vendor buying armor

On the phone with vendor as I'm being questioned about my measurements

Just got off the phone with this vendor.  After a very thoughtful telephone conversation I have been outfitted with the protective gear I need for this embed.  I provided Tim with my measurements: height, weight, chest, belly both seated and standing, center line (top of breast plate to belly button) seated and standing.  He had me double check a few measurements and I’m glad he did for I used a ruler and not a tape measure.  The tape measure is less rigid and provides more accurate data and a better, more comfortable fit.  I also chipped in for ballistic eye protection, a helmet and some sweat-wicking t-shirts.  All in all I spent over $2,000 on protection I hope to God I will not need.