A weekend of travel and thoughts

This weekend my daughter and I traveled to Utah to visit friends.  While traveling, standing in security lines and lugging my and my daughter’s things on the plane I realized how important it will be for me to have my hands free during the commercial legs of my travels to Afghanistan.

I will plan on packing a large back pack that I will check while traveling commerical.  This pack will have a few changes of clothes, some non-essential video and editing gear, my helmet and armor and a change of boots.  I will be purchasing a good backpack that I will carry on-board all commercial flights.  This backpack will house my cameras, computer, a change of clothes and a few other essentials.  Once I get to where I’m going and begin traveling with the U.S. Army I’m my own pack mule so it is vital that I don’t over pack.

I packed too heavy for this trip to Utah.  I will pare down to only the absolute essentials needed to get the job done while I’m in and around Afghanistan.

On an aside.  The funding letter came in last week.  With that letter (and the accompanying check) this project is officially green-lit.