Planning begins

Map of Afghanistan

I'll be traveling to a base near Kandahar

Two weeks ago this was all just a thought.  There was a chance, albeit a small one, that I would be embarking on my second embed with the Minnesota National Guard in the past three years.

In the business I am in, a business different than the business that many freelance journalists who are looking for embeds are in, I do not cover stories without the aide of grants.  I have the benefit of a fantastic team of grant writers, executive producers, videographers, and editors working with me, a benefit that many freelancers do not have.  I have the Twin Cities Public Television brand behind me.

This documentary will be looking at how the Minnesota National Guard’s AgriBusiness Development Team will be assisting the Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team in Zabul, Afghanistan train Afghan farmers in the benefits of certain growing techniques and co-operatives.

Over the course of the next few months I will track the preparation process as I begin to gather information about the needs for this embed.  Future posts will touch on my thought process as I prepare for this adventure, what I am seeing while in Afghanistan and how I am working with the footage once I return home.

I eagerly await information I can share with you all.